The objects of this corporation are for the social, educational, benevolent, entertainment and recreational benefit of its members; the education of its members in the use of small firearms; the fostering of good fellowship, good sportsmanship, benevolent enterprises and the social welfare of its members; the promoting of all lawful types of competitive events involving skill in the use of small firearms, and in particular trap and skeet shooting; to further the interest of its members in the propagation and protection of fish and game and acquiring and maintaining a library pertaining to guns, wildlife, marksmanship and other matters of interest to its members. This corporation is also formed for the purpose of purchasing and/or selling any real or personal property and to do any act or engage in any transaction reasonably necessary or that tends to promote the purposes and objects of this corporation as aforesaid, including the receiving of donations, the giving of prizes for competitive events, making charitable donations and anything else that is for the general welfare of this corporation and its members; provided, no activity shall be engaged in for the purpose or object of an ultimate distribution of a profit to its members in either money or property, except such as may be incidental to the joint use and enjoyment of club privileges and property.

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